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Professional Video Editing Folder Structure (incl. Template project)

49,00 €    39,00 €

Industry Inspired Video Editing Folder Structure (incl. Templateproject)

*VAT not included

Do you ever find your video project folders getting disorganized? With my 10 years of video editing experience I created an industry inspired folder structure. You’ll simply increase your productivity and efficiency during editing. Save time, keep your folders tidy and don’t worry about losing track of your actual creative work. A Premiere Pro & After Effects template project is included with organized folders & several pre-made timelines. Just simply duplicate this folder structure everytime you start a fresh new project.

The folder structure itself is not limited to Adobe Premiere Pro, you can you use this with other editing softwares aswell!​


    • Industry standard folder structure 

    • Copy & Paste 

    • Windows & Mac compatible

    • Pre-made Premiere Pro Project with organized folders & timelines 

    • Pre-made After Effects Project with organized folders & timelines

    • Easy & fast installation (less than a minute)

    • PDF installation guide

    • Folder structure is not limited to editing softwares, also usable for other cases such as Graphics, Audio, Animations etc.


    For the template projects: Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC (> 14.x) 

    For the folder structure: Any operating system (Windows, Mac, etc.)


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